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Altered and Extended Chords

Breakin It Down!
Comes with Workbook & DVD!
Are You intimidated by charts full of chords like C13,
A11b9, A#dim7th, F#7(#9,#5) and a host of others?

Do you
long to be able to play cool sounding jazz or
gospel piano, but
don't understand the chord

Would you like an
easier way to read and  play
complicated chords?

Would you like to
skyrocket your personal piano
playing to new levels?

Altered and Extended Chords, Breaking it Down
is for you!
Even if you don't have a clue when it comes to fancy "extended" or
"altered chords", you will quickly be able to break down longer chords
into shorter, easier ones using the methods described in Altered and
Extended Chords, Breakin It Down.

In just minutes you can transform your chord chart into one that anyone
could play easily and painlessly
Finally the puzzle of altered chords will make sense and
began to fit together!
Here's what you will learn:

* How to form all chords from the major scales
* How to translate a chord symbol into an actual chord
* The Art of the Chart (How to read different symbols on a chart)
* Formulas for forming different chords
* The Power of using "polychords" or "superimposed chords"
* Extensive charts showing the breakdown of all extended chords
* How to interpret altered chords and accidentals
* Sample songs with original complicated charts broken down into
easy to read arrangements which sound the same
* How to transpose whole songs or single chords
You'll feel like leaping too when you discover this easy
method for playing all those cool chords that have eluded
you for so long!!

You have to know how to play chords like these to master
jazz or gospel piano.
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Altered and Extended Chords, Breakin It Down
Altered and Extended Chords
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