Gospel Piano Resource
"Equipping Musicians for the Kingdom of God"
How to play the keyboard so easily that even
a child can do it without note reading and
without sheet music. Play by chords the first

Gospel Piano For Beginners
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How to master the "Cool Sounds" of popular Black
Gospel Piano
complete with Slow Jazz Chording
for Background Sound. Learn Preaching Chords to
Back up your preacher, and more!
Introduction To                               
Black Gospel Piano
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How to play new Jazzy arrangements of your
favorite old time hymns. Add new sizzle and
excitement. Mix the old with the new. These are
not your grandmothers hymns, but she would
love to hear them! This book also contains
scored music with the chord charts.

Jazzed-Up Hymns
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How to add Passing Chords, Turnaround
Chords and Beautiful Endings
to all your
songs in the Black Gospel Style. Learn all the
"Secret Techniques" that the chord charts don't
give you!!

Passing Chords, Turnarounds &
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How to master the techniques of Chord
to create exciting new
arrangements for all your songs using the
Circle of Fifths, enticing Tritones,
Embellishments, Altered Chords and more!!

Chord Substitutions
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Dear Friends:
If you desire new ways to play old favorites, to back up a preacher using preaching chords, to enhance your songs or just learn how to play the piano from scratch with chords, then you
have come to the right place.

If you would like to
break out of the box with your piano playing and not be chained to the scored music or even a chord chart, these methods are for you. I teach piano players how to
become their own arrangers and to breathe new life into the songs they are playing.

My teaching style is very simple and slow. I do not speed through the videos, nor do I demonstrate the songs in difficult keys. Nearly all of my songs are in the key of C for easy
understanding. I spell out each chord, note by note for you on the DVD and in the workbook. I teach the theory behind what I am doing. I'm not here to dazzle you with my personal
playing. How would that help you?  

There is a series of lessons to help every level of player from the beginner to the advanced. The workbooks teach using the
Chordal Method, not scored music. Today's contemporary
Gospel Musician must know how to play by chords.
Beginning Gospel Piano teaches this method from ground zero.

coveted secrets to playing Black Gospel Music are revealed. There are several books and lessons to show you how to play these cool sounds. All the "extras"  the chord charts
never give you.

You will actually learn how to play in new ways using the workbooks & DVD's. These music lessons won't sit around and collect dust. The books have either a DVD or CD. A live music
lesson with a music teacher will cost you twenty dollars an hour and up. Because these lessons are already recorded, you can play them back as many times as you like. Study at your
own pace without ever leaving the house.

God will bless you as you enter a new level of abilities that will far exceed your own expectations!

Debbie Hess
Gospel Piano Resource
684 Stone Harbor Parkway
Marietta, GA  30060

How to "dress up" your music with awesome
Runs & Fills, Arpeggios, Scale Runs, Modes,
Beautiful Intros, Chord Extensions, Walk-ups,
Walk-downs and more!
Go beyond the basics to the next level now

Intermediate Gospel Piano
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How to flow in the spirit during periods of "Free
Praise" and "Open Worship" with anointed
Chord Progressions. Go deeper with

Chord Progressions for Open Worship
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NEW!! Altered and Extended Chords
    Breakin It Down!

Learn how to quickly and easily break down complicated
chords to easier ones to read and play. A must for the
jazz and gospel musician.

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At a glance, here are all our current products. Click the link for each lesson
for more detailed information including page and audio samples. Don't
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How to play piano by chords. For the new
beginner. This workbook and 3 DVD's will have
you up and playing from fake books and by ear
in no time. Accompany yourself, others, play in a
band, church, or just for fun.

Chord Piano For Beginners
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