Introduction To Black Gospel Piano
Don't you just love that Black Gospel sound.  There's nothing quite like it. Take your piano playing to a new level
with this beginning Black Gospel piano
workbook & DVD.  This instruction breaks down some of the mysteries of
this all too cool style and teaches you how to play a number of smooth songs that will totally delight you with
newfound abilities. This teaching involves the use of altered chords, commonly known as jazz chords.  Spice up old
songs using these techniques.

Here is an example of a beautiful jazz chord progression for use in your services. Very nice!

                                                                      LH/RH - Left Hand / Right Hand notes                 
                                                              (left hand plays FCF, right hand plays ADEG etc.)

                                         FCF/ADEG - AEA/BCDG  (F#C#/BbDEA - passing tone) nice!




In addition to teaching you how to jazz up ANY song yourself, the following songs are included and ready               
to play in black gospel style: Blessed Assurance, I Need Thee, I Surrender All, Fairest Lord Jesus, He Leadeth
Me, This Is My Father's World and more! While these are hymns, you will also learn how to play your favorite
contemporary gospel songs as well!!

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Debbie Hess
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Gospel Piano Resource
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Black Gospel Chords
Chord Progressions
Slow Jazz Chords
Preaching Chords
Comes with workbook and DVD!
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Tired of having NO Where to go to learn your gospel playing skills
besides the "school of hard knocks"?

Tired of having
NO one to ask or NO one willing to "share" chords,
progressions, tips, etc. to the budding musican?

Tired of the
"every-musician-for-themselves" type of

Then, it's time to TAKE CONTROL of your progress with these
lessons that take years off of the learning curb and will have those
other musicians picking your brain for your newfound abilities. You
have just found a friend in the gospel piano playing world!!
Repeating pattern with some improv gives you an awesome gospel groove!