Black Gospel Piano
Passing Chords
Learn how to use cool Passing Tones, Turnaround Chords and Endings that Black Gospel
And Jazz Music are so famous for!!  
Have you ever been listening to a really cool song chocked full of
wonderful chords outside of the normal changes and tried desperately to reproduce them? Perhaps you even
obtained the original chord charts only to be disappointed to find those marvelous chords were not even on

Chances are you were looking for those awesome Passing Chords that tie the arrangement together and make
it flow.  Usually, these are strickly a musicians choice, often go uncharted, and can be hard to obtain because
musicians don't like to expose their

Fret no more my friend.  Knowledge is power and after this study you will no longer lust after the ability to
produce these on your very own.  

Learn how to use Substitute Dominants (or 7th chords), Diminished 7th Chords, the Circle Of Fifths, Those
Terrific Tritones and much more
.  A large number of Turnaround Chords demonstrated to wrap your songs in
style. Plus Gorgeous Endings that will leave a lasting impression.

               This is the teaching you have been waiting for!

Don't scratch your head any longer. You will be delighted in what you can accomplish quickly. A radical
change in your piano sound that is sure to notch up the spiritual dynamics in your playing.

Below is another example of a turnaround chord in key of "C". Left hand notes/right hand notes. You would
play a D note in left hand and ACEG in right hand, etc. I ALWAYS tell you what notes to play in BOTH hands.

                D/ACEG - E/BDF#A - AbEb/CEbG - GD/FACD
                  D11          E11                Ab6              G9sus
             Many more Jazz Turnarounds in the workbook!

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Secrets to the professional sound you have been
looking for but could not find.
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Listen to the above song, I Worship You Almighty God
and notice the beautiful passing chords. You CAN play these!!

Here is a chord chart for an arrangement of Oh, How I Love Jesus
Left hand notes/Right hand notes                                           Key of "C"

Cmaj7   Fmaj9             G/CEG   E/CEG   Eb/EbF#AC
Oh,         how      I love  Je   -        sus          Ebdim7 > Passing Chord

D/FACD                G/FACE
Dm7                         G13           AbF/BbDF
Oh,     how I love  Je   -   sus     Abdim > Passing Chord

Amaj9                     Am           Fmaj7
Oh,       how  I love  Je  -  e  -  sus

EB/FAbD       G/FACE      G/FAbBD     AbEbAb/CFBb GDG/CFGA
E7(b9)               G13            G7(b9)   C        Ab6,9             G9sus
Be  -  cause   He    first              loved    me.  (Turn-around chords)

             Abmaj7             Bb7sus4           Cmaj9
Ending chords - Ab/EbGAbC  -  Bb/AbCEbF - C/EGBD
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Passing Chords
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